- Self-portrait as a cactus -

My people-repelling powers are at an all-time high!

"You must have faith in yourselves, Planeteers, because you’re fighting for the good of the whole world."

- Gaia, ‘Spirit of the Earth’

The feather fetish continues, this one from this beautiful palette.

Probably the BEST sweatshirt print I have ever seen.

Spotted here, and originally here.

Pretty much everything I do these days.

The great Indian wedding hypnosis.

- All eyes on you -

Bad puns, and a Nimona tribute. Please read it if you haven’t yet!

"…so you plant your garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers…"

from 'You Learn' by Jorge Luis Borges.

"Oh this one? This was after that one crazy night in Pattaya."

Inspired by my brother’s tattoos. :D

Just read about biological dark matter. Mysteries of the universe, stuck inside your nose.


Postcards from far away.

Church clothes.